How to Order

*****************Quick ordering tips located at the end of this document. ******************

How to place an order.


1. Find a part number. You are responsible for all part numbers ordered, whether we give them to you your local dealer gives them to you or you look them up in a parts book (including the accessory catalog).


2. Enter the part number in the search. For after market part please make sure you change the drop down box to Aftermarket. For Kuryakyn parts you need to add a KU- prefix.


3. The next page after the search displays the part number and the price. If you want a description of the part you may click on the part number other wise just click add to cart. (NOTE: Sorry but we don’t not have pictures of any parts on our web site.)


4. After you have all you parts added to your cart, Click on My Cart or View cart both links take you to the same place.


5. From here you may do a shipping quote. (Close to the bottom of the page)


6. Now your ready to check out. click on the check out button and fill out the registration form. An email will be sent to you with a temporary password. It may take 24-48 hours to receive this email based on how many web servers it has to go through to reach you, and the speed of those servers. Also check your spam filter. or add to your white-list.


7. Pay and complete your order the rest is up to us.




Kuryakyn - add the "KU-" before the part number like so KU-4265





(certain larger sizes are available in only a few clothing items)


The sizes are part of the part number and this is what it should look like 97200-00VM/000L


Extra extra small = /022S

Extra small = /002S

Small= /000S

Medium = /000M

large = /000L

XL = /002L

XXL= /022L

XXXL= /222L

4XL= /042L (Mens only)

5XL = /052L(Mens only)


Wides: (available in womans clothing only)


1W = /000W

2W = /002W

3W = /022W


Tall = VT instead of the VM or VW

Long = VL


Pant sizes:

Range from 28" to 52" waist in Mens

Range from 0 to 24 in a Womans


Mens example

/2800 size 28"

Womans example

/0400 size 4



Other misc useful part numbers:


Parts accessory catalog : 94500094